What does the internet of energy mean?

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Energy and the Internet will use the same infrastructure thanks to RePG systems!

We talked about the Internet of Energy with Hüseyin KARAYAĞIZ, RePG Energy’s Leading Investor and Founding Partner of TRANGELS.

Hüseyin Karayağız / Business Development explains the concepts of Electronic Transformation and Energy Transformation (E-Transformation) and the effects of new generation initiatives such as RePG Energy on the developments in this field:

Continue to watch Izmir WITHCO chat: You can watch the interview od WITHCO Coworking Space and Hüseyin Karayagiz by CLICKING HERE.

There will be a digital transformation in the energy sector!

RePG Energy Board Member Hüseyin Karayağız told ST Industry Magazine that the energy sector made a rapid start for the digital transformation process. RePG Energy participated in the 2020 Energy Producing Factories events. You can read the rest of the news by CLICKING HERE.