Digital Transformation in the Energy Sector

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Hüseyin Karayağız, the chairman of the board of REPG and responsible for business development, said that the energy sector has made a rapid start for the digital transformation process.

RePG’s chairman of the board and who is the responsible person for business development, Hüseyin Karayağız has explained how digital transformation takes place in different sectors, stated that he has multiple functions and focuses on energy, artificial intelligence, and mobile issues as an active angel investor.


Hüseyin Karayağız

I have multiple roles and missions. After graduating from Boğaziçi Computer Engineering Department in 1993, I worked in business development and sales positions in companies such as HP, Fujitsu, and Siemens. In 2010, I quit working in the private sector and started working on my own initiatives. I am still a shareholder of TÜRKKEP, which I established with my entrepreneurial spirit. In TÜRKKEP established in 2011, we ensure that internet services and e-commerce infrastructures are in compliance with the legislation and the law, we carry out pioneering work regarding e-commerce business transformation. TÜRKKEPcontinues to develop pioneering and value-added solutions and services in the fields of E-solutions such as REM, E-signature, E-invoice, E-ledger, E-Custody, E-Reconciliation, E-ledger and KEP-Payroll, E-Services, and E-services. When our TÜRKKEP initiative turned out successful: we have decided to establish TRAngels investor network with 36 partners in 2016 in order to support “deep tech” entrepreneurs and early-stage technology ventures in Turkey. My personal goal is to invest in ideas, initiatives, and projects that will add value to our country and economy in every sector and to create and develop leading international companies. For 15-16 years, I have sold the technologies of foreign companies to many banks, public institutions, holdings, and industrial companies. I claim that we can sell new generation initiatives and technologies abroad.


As an active “Leading Angel Investor” now; I focus on energy, artificial intelligence, mobile, and autonomous future issues. Regarding this issue, I carry out my work through RePG Energy, Batron Energy, Laska Energy, Octopus, Ulouder, Buck.Ai & Adastec Startup companies. As a passive angel investor, I focus on Cyber & Mobile Security, Bio, Clean & Environmental Technologies. I carry out my efforts in this field through LOKI, TALA, Bü-Tarım, BAKTEK, Nanomik, Micro-S, Simpleforms & Stockfolio startup companies. Since 2016, I have been actively serving as the Member / Chairman of the Board of Directors responsible for REPG Energy Business, Sales, and Market Development. In addition, I am a Member of the Board of Directors Responsible for Business Development in BATRON Energy and LASKA Energy, where we have recently invested since 2019.


We are in an era where the concepts of “Energy Transformation” and “Electronic Transformation” are intertwined. The concepts of factory, workplace, and production place are all changing. As TRAngels, we were making our investments believing that there would be no central factories and production sites after 2025. However, many people did not understand what we said. The coronavirus pandemic actually has made what we say understandable and visible. We were proposing that production sites could be houses or small facilities and everyone will be able to produce at their home like a “factory” thanks to 3D printers, and we were suggesting that the delivery will be performed by dynamic and fully digitalized logistics companies. We were saying that instead of producing a large number of the same type of production, there would be many different types of production. We were also claming that there will be small capacity and distributed storage facilities instead of centralized large storages, and most importantly, the concepts of “Manufacturer” and “Consumer” will be combined and the “Generator” concept will arise. We were saying that all of this will happen until 2025-2030 and it will be realized step by step. However, with the coronavirus epidemic, all our predictions were now five years ahead of plans.


Energy production, storage, distribution, and consumption has thus entered into an “Electrification” process similar to “Digitalization”. The exact opposite of the word “electrification” is not yet in our language. While trying to explain to our industrialists about the “digitization” of the products and the digitalization of the factory, it would be difficult to explain the “digitization” of energy, let alone the digitalization of energy infrastructures. I think I can best explain these concepts by presenting them by introducing initiatives such as REPG Energy (produce, consume and sell your own energy in your home, factory, workplace) and Batron Energy (store and distribute this energy), and Laska Energy (produce energy and raw materials from waste). It is possible to create “Digitalized Factories” with 100% domestic new generation initiatives. Therefore, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Industrialists, Universities, Public (TUBITAK) organizations, NGOs, and private organizations should come together and we should establish a new generation of factories and industrial establishments with common simple strategies. Otherwise, whether you say “Old Normal” or say “New Normal”, we will continue to be customers of foreign companies. Everyone should ask themselves the following question: if we were doing our job correctly or we were right, why do not we produce new technology or products. They tell us to do it, we have become the sub-industry firm or consumer who only “makes” it. It is challenging to understand the difference between “producing” and “making” without putting R&D at the beginning of the word “production”.

While trying to explain the concept of “E-Transformation”, that is, “Electronic Transformation” in a different way, I will try to explain with a similar analogy that it started in the “Transformation of Energy” at the same time: Thanks to the “Electronic Transformation” together with the Internet, information reaches everyone with the “Network” infrastructure and works with the principle that some business lines are made available over the internet. Essentially, a previously WIRED or WIRELESS network was established for the transmission of information.
We called this network INTERNET.
We can also call this network “THE NETWORK OF INFORMATION”.
And the most important feature is that INFORMATION is produced, stored, distributed, and consumed by the individual and on a mobile basis.

Well! Energy infrastructures already have their own WIRED grid, and soon WIRELESS Power grids will also proliferate. Get ready for the transformation for the “GRID OF ENERGY” or “THE INTERNET OF ENERGY”!

So, ** Be prepared to generate, store, distribute and consume Energy by individuals with mobility **

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