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The concept of "Digitalization of Energy" has now entered our lives ...

Today, distributed structure and architecture are becoming more common all over the world. Distribution networks such as large and expensive power transmission lines for the transmission of energy produced and stored from central sources to cities are now considered inefficient. Instead of this traditional old technology, the idea of efficient resource sharing including individual-level production, smart storage, and distribution has started to take place. Local electricity and water production and “wireless electricity transport “and” pipe-free water transport ” with small grids will be available very soon. The neighbors who have become energy farmers individually will be able to share the surplus energy they produce with each other and thus, energy efficiency will increase. Our traditional energy infrastructure culture will change completely …

Distributed Renewable & Completely Digital Energy Infrastructures are coming

Nikola Tesla Quote

Why we use POLES and CABLES to transfer energy from
where it is produced centrally to the place of consumption? With RePG, you can consume the energy you produce in the same place/region.

From Central Structure to Distributed Structure

Existing Cloud Technologies

Existing Cloud

Wired or Wireless Data Transfer and Storage

RePG Cloud Technologies

RePG Cloud

Wired or Wireless Electricity and Water Transfer and Storage

RePG can produce two “Products” from Humidity and Heat in the air, one “Electricity” and the other “Water”! In other words, by retrieving HUMIDITY and HEAT from the air, it can transform them into Energy and charge a BATTERY or transfer them to the ELECTRIC GRID. Similarly, RETRIEVE as WATER and give it to the WATER TANK or WATER GRID.

Computer technologies actually do the same. They download DATA from the CLOUD and write it to DATA STORAGE, DELIVER TO THE NETWORK or CONSUME. It means consuming movies or music. They store the data in PPT or send it back to the network via E-Mail.

Therefore, if we evaluate the input and output aspects such as humidity, heat, electricity, water, each MICRO MODULE RePG system actually works like a “Tower Computer”.

With RePG, Electric Energy can be generated from humidity and heat changes in the air/environment. There are endless amounts of waste ambient where Latent-Heat and Waste Heat exist.

RePG also easily produce water by retrieving the humidity in the air without spending extra energy.

RePG is a renewable endless energy and water resource. Latent Heat, Waste-Heat, Suntermal and Geothermal resources are endless.

RePG can potentially address global water and energy shortages. It is possible to produce an infinite amount of energy and clean drinkable water thanks to the difference of day and night even in the driest deserts or benefiting from the evaporation that takes place at the seaside.

RePG provides pipeless water transfer between cities. Each house or city can produce its own water and distribute it with a small and smart micro water grid around it.

RePG carries energy between cities without the need for large masts or thick cables. Energy is carried by small and smart low cost "microgrids" in every home, workplace, and region.

"Electric power is available in unlimited quantities everywhere, and it can run the machines present in the world without the need for coal, oil, gas, or other existing fuels."

Nikola Tesla

"Electric energy is presented in the air with unlimited amounts of "Hidden-Heat" as well as natural resources such as "Sun-Thermal" and "Geothermal". We can run the machines in the world without the need for coal, oil, gas or other known fuels. And 50% of these carbon-based fuels, we can also recover low or high-temperature Waste-Heat losses with maximum efficiency."

Hasan Ayartürk / RePG Enerji Kurucusu

Smart Home Renewable Energy System

Smart Home Renewable
Energy System

Hybrid Energy Based Smart Home

Hybrid Energy Based
Smart House

Smart Small Grid

Small Mains

Energy Transfer from Individual to Individual

Everyone will send the energy s/he produced in their own home over the grid, just like sending data ...

Smart Grid Components and Technology are Changing with RePG ...

Smart Production

Smart Stations

Smart Deployment

Smart Meters

Integrated Communication

Advanced Control Methods

Internet of Energy

Energy, Power Information, Bandwidth
Carnot Thermodynamics Shannon Information Theory
1824 – Entropy 1948 – Entropy!
Ergs and Joules Bits and Bytes
Electrical Electronic
WaM (W) = Newton-Meter / Second Metcalfe (Me) = Bit-Meter / Second
Power = Joules / Second Bandwidth = Bit / Second

Energy Infrastructure Transformation

Internet of Energy

Internet of

Industry's Energy Transformation

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