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RePG Disaster, Greenhouse & Farm Container General Functions and Features

Sustainable supply of water, heating, cooling and electricity in shelter and living areas is often not possible due to structural problems during disasters, such as power cuts. Known renewable technologies require large installation areas and cannot produce energy where energy is consumed. In disasters and emergencies, off-grid, mobile, wireless and renewable energy generation is critical.

- One 20’ Container Outside Dimensions : 2348 x 5897 x 2390 mm (WxLxH) in size.

- One solid fuel boiler with 250 kWt power. All solid fuels such as pellets, coal, wood can be used in this boiler. The hot water obtained in the boiler can provide a heating load by blowing with a fan or by giving it to the cooler cores.

- For electricity generation, there is one RePG Renewable Energy System with an installed power of 15 kWe and a net electricity power of 10 kWe.

- There are 2 copper condensers with a surface area of ​​150 m² for the heating function.

- There are 4 RePG AQUA AWGs with a production capacity of 10 lt/day for the production of clean drinking water from air.

- 5 solar panels with 400 We power for electricity generation.

- One Hybrid Inverter that can operate on-Grid / Off-Grid in order to use the generated electrical energy in a beneficial way. It can be engaged without the need for a network.

- 4 batteries of 12V 100 Ah capacity to store electrical energy. The total battery capacity is 4.8 kWh.

- Daily fuel consumption is 1000 kg/day for pellet fuel with a calorific value of 5000 kcal/kg.

- Daily fuel consumption is 800 kg/day for coal fuel with a calorific value of 6500 kcal/kg.

- It offers 135 kWh of net electricity per day in accordance with 220V 50 Hz and 400V 50 Hz mains. (120 kWh RePG / 15 kWh Solar Panels and Wind Turbine *Wind Turbine will be added ( 500 Watt/h)

- It can produce 40 liters of water per day in accordance with the drinking water regulation.

- It can supply 4000 kWh of thermal power per day to tents, gyms and shelters located outside the container. (It can continuously heat an area of ​​2000 m³, 300 m² field tent)

- It can work as a "Heat Pump" when electricity generation is not used.

RePG Disaster Container
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