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RePG produces systems that generate range extender energy between 0.1-25 kWh by using air and waste heat in electric vehicles such as Automobile, Truck, Bus, Train, Boat, Yacht, Ship, Helicopter, Drone, Airplane.

Tübitak Project Titled Hybrid Air Conditioning System Design and Prototype Manufacturing for Electric Vehicles

Prof. Dr. In the project carried out by our teacher Gökhan SEVİLGEN, the design and prototype manufacturing of a hybrid air conditioning system working as a heat pump for electric vehicles was carried out. As a result of the experiments carried out under laboratory conditions at Bursa Uludağ University, at the end of the project, performance improvement was achieved in the heating process for electric vehicles, especially at low outdoor temperatures, and the effects of this improvement process on the battery pack, electric motor, etc. A hybrid system that provides in-vehicle air conditioning by utilizing the waste heat of the components has been developed.

Within the scope of this project, RePG took part in the supply process of components such as the air conditioning cabin and its components and measurement devices needed in the system, as well as the assembly process of heat pump components as well as the manufacturing of the vehicle test cabin. Prof. preferred RePG for the infrastructure works and supply process of components in this project. Dr. We would like to express our respect and gratitude to Gökhan Sevilgen.

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