RePG: Internet of Energy – Smart Cities, Smart Buildings

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Smart City and Smart Building technologies will meet with the "Internet of Energy" thanks to RePG technology: The widespread use of Wired and Wireless Energy will show that many IoT and API embedded devices are the infrastructures of the next generation "Internet of Energy". The main reason for not increasing the number of IoT devices is that the fact that continuous and uninterrupted energy could not be provided to these devices.

IoT (Internet of Things) and API (Application Programming Interface) are the basic building blocks for the “Intelligence of Life Energy of Things”= Internet of Energy. RePG Systems provide the energy they produce wirelessly to the IoT sensors located around them, interpreting real-time information (about the environment, production, status, and services) to the center (API-Intelligent Embedded Software).
With the widespread use of Wireless Energy (RePG), the way for the number of IoT devices and the “energy” based internet created by them will be paved.

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