A Leading Hotel Uses Natural Gas Combi Boiler Supported RePG Energy System

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Thanks to the Natural Gas Boiler in the hotel, if the "Hot Water" supplied to the hotel is connected to the RePG System's hot water inlet, the RePG System can operate as an uninterrupted power supply mechanism. Thanks to the 24/7 Continuously Operating Natural Gas Boiler, the RePG System can operate as a “STEAM TURBINE”.

HOTEL I: 2 RePG Systems
You can see the power generation between 14-17 March 2020 in the graphic on the right:

  • A total of 970kW hours of energy was generated in February and March.
  • Instantly, 6.5-7k hours degree was reached.

HOTEL II: 1 RePG System
You can see the energy production between the dates of 15-17 March in the graph on the right.

  • 200kw hours were produced in 4-5 days in March alone.
  • There is only one System and one Turbine inside,
  • The two systems above are RePG systems and turbines are the versions of 6 months ago.
  • As you can see, the new REPG system gives 2 times better results.

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